The company was founded by Drakopoulos brothers in 2006 as a service company in the field of locks, on the road 61 Hania in Ilion, Attica. From 2006 onwards, the company upgraded by widening the range of services and improving their quality.

The company is now active in a wide range of services / projects include:

* We are the first company in Greece that provides FREE APEGLOVISMO children, a social service of our company.
* Providing services kleidarotechnikon (change locks, safe locks placements, burglary, anti-Breakout protection openings houses, cars, building houses and car keys)
* Repairs - construction roll, garage door, sliding door
* Construction and repairs to all types of aluminum systems, opening, anaklyomena, sliding, partitions, building a special type.
* Trade armored doors, concertina doors, security systems, safes
* Except locksmiths our company began to offer roadside assistance to drivers who can not change the tire of a car when it burst, or is left by gasoline.

The know-how and expertise of technical personnel in conjunction with premium equipment guarantee excellent / good performance of the work. The company provides 24 hour support throughout Attica and respond promptly and with complete consistency in the (daily) requirements of its customers.


All our partners are audited by the police and a special permit.

The company maintains an extensive clientele that includes department stores, public offices and ministries, construction companies and many private businesses.

The ANTIKLEPTIKI is a modernized enterprise in the industry covering the most demanding customers and the highest quality products and services provide the most reliable result.

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